Wedding Invites are the Official "First Look" for any Wedding. You can make yours pretty or you can make them interesting, or you can make them Pretty and Interesting. Something the Family and the Guests will remember for a long time.We will be including a short 'Instructions' tag with all the cards to help people Plant the Cards in and around their personal spaces.

Let Love Grow...

VCreat Plantables will help you come up with gorgeous designs that are simple and elegant, but the most romantic thing about these cards will be the fact that they can be sowed in some good soil to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs of your choice. Made out of 'Plantable Seed Paper' that is made by embedding seeds in waste paper pulp and printed using Organic Dyes, essentially makes your cards Wood-Free and 100% Biodegradable.

So your wedding invites can hang around for a little longer in the form of green leaves, fresh veggies or fragrant herbs and not as a part of someone's 'raddi' dump. One might argue that hardly 5% will actually take the trouble to plough out soil and water the pot and plant the invites once the wedding festivities are done and dusted, even then... you can be confident in the knowledge that your cards will not be adding to the increasing solid waste on our planet and sooner or later, they will sprout.


The collection of recent designs