Who we are

We are a small young team based out of Allahabad and Agra (sassy new Babas), and have been working on various projects and brands for sometime, even though the creative firm became official in 2016 itself.

We are a family here, working together passionately to add value to your products through beautiful concepts and designs.

To tell you a little about our Story

We are condensed packages of highly effervescent imaginative souls who were in suspended Brownian Motion till not very long back. When two of the particles saw that the creative tempo was ready to break free, like good responsible citizens of the world, they went and got the team dutifully registered under the laws of the land. We are calling ourselves 'VCreat' now and are all geared up to channel those energies towards providing you with….bole toh…ekdum Lapak Creatives for your products and services.

The peeps behind VCreat are

Varun Gupta

Founder & CEO

The ‘V’ in VCreat might just as well be the ‘V’ in Varun. Our lanky leader has been playing around with this pseudonym since he was a teenager. He did get into the corporate world under Honda to try and fit in with the social dictates initially, but soon left it to pursue his passions. He armed himself with rigorous trainings in Graphic Designing, Animation and film making, worked as Assistant Director for a devotional music video album, directed and assisted in various commercials and short films, including one done under the mentorship of Anurag Basu and Vikramaditya Motwane at Humaramovie.com.

Sumat Nanda

Co-Founder & COO

Every team has a nerd, this one is ours. Sumat is a theoretical physicist who turned into a parallel entrepreneur sometime back. He has co-founded a packaging firm named TN Packaging, a B2B e-commerce tech startup named BizCrum and an educational products venture named EduStack. He has used the creative process of Ideation to fuel and propel VCreat. A music, movie and graphic art enthusiast, he also dabbles in poetry, script writing, music composition and production. He quenches VCreat’s zeal for innovation through symbiotic, evolutionary and revolutionary idea generation, and problem solving.

Kunwar Amarendu Singh

Art Director

A gifted art director, painter, actor, illustrator and creative guru, his artistic insights guide and inspire the team in all their projects and activities. He led a team of three Allahabad University students in 2009 in creating a 20-foot-long wood cut graphic painting titled 'Dharam, Arth, Kaam, Moksh', done in 190 non-stop hours and holds a Record in the Limca Books for this feat. An awarded painter under the aegis of the ‘Lalit Kala Academy’ in UP and Haryana, he has worked in various films, music videos and advertisements, print making, National Camps and exhibitions. His art direction can be seen in adverts like Dalmia Cement, Valentino Shoes, Galton, a movie (Kutumbh) and a music video- Your Guardian Angel.

Tarun Gupta

Chief Financial Officer

Our spirited and meticulous khajanchi started up in the Hotel Management Industry with a stint at the Jai Mahal Place Jaipur. He was the Production head for Valentino and Your Guardian Angel projects. Tarun manages the backend with a tight string purse and quick wit.

Ashis Singh

Project Manager

A skilled 3D graphics designer who is proficient in Adobe Suite, Lumion 3D, Maya, Max, and is an Adobe Certified Professional. He was the 3D lead designer with White Umbrella (WU) Infrastructure and Team Leader in WU Entertainment. Previous works include editing a Devotional Album, Sharminda, Short Films and various TVCs and motion graphics projects.

Jallal Uddeenkhan

Production Manager

A poet at heart, carefree like a breeze and responsible like a soldier. Jalla bhai gets us whatever we want. His resourcefulness and dependability gives us the confidence to explore our creativity, knowing fully well he will get us the weirdest of props and the best of people to get the job done.

Amar Chaurasiya

Graphic Designer

Part of the young guns at VCreat, he was the Art Direction Assistant for Your Guardian Angel, Valentino, Galton and Dalmia Cements projects. A trained Graphics Designer and 2D animator with promising artistic energies awaiting their day in the sun. He is also the Event Coordinator at the Art'Ovation Festival, Allahabad.

Garima Capoor

Content Writer

Previously with the Digital Learning Team at Encyclopaedia Britannica India, as a social media and product training executive, Garima’s passion lies in being a clandestine stalker. This has given her various insights over time as to what might and might not work on these platforms. She also happens to be a strong advocate for Snail Mail. #DoNotJudge

Abhay Jaiswal

CG Artist

CG Artist, VFX/Compositor, Digital Concept Artist and Matte Painter. Another young gun. Worked as compositor in FPS, Mumbai.